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drainage basin
the area of land drained by a river and its tributaries
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a stream or small river that joins to a larger one
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solid creep
where individual particles of soil move slowly down a slope
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where masses of soil or rock, usually mixed with water, flow like liquid downhill
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the volume of water flowing in a river, measured in cubic metres per second {cumecs}
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where materials move rapidly down slope in one go, like a landslide
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the starting point of a stream or river, often a spring or lake
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interlocking spurs
an area of higher land jutting out of a steep valley sides in a rivers upper course
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plunge pool
a hollow under a waterfall created by erosion and filled by water
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a steep, narrow valley with rocky sides
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vertical erosion
downward erosion like a river bed
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a bend formed in a river.
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lateral erosion
erosion where a river cuts sideways into its banks
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river cliff
a steep section of river bank, caused by fast-flowing water eroding the outside of a meander
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slip off slope
the gentle slope on the inside of a meander bend formed by deposition
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point bar
sediment laid down on the inside of a meander bend where the river flows slowly
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a diagram showing the shape of a feature or landscape as if it was cut through sideways
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the narrow ***** of land between the two closest banks of a meander
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flood plains
the flat land in a valley floor each side if the river channel, which is sometimes flooded
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the movement of people or features such as a meander
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fine sediment which are deposited by a river
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a raised bank of sediment along the side of a river
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a large lake, usually artificial, used to store water
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the deepening and/or straightening of a river to allow it to carry more water
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the process where by water soaks into the soil and permeable rock
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jet stream
a fast-moving current of air in the upper atmosphere
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hard engineering
strategies using artificial structures to prevent river or coastal flooding
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soft engineering
flood defences that work with natural processes to reduce the risk and impact of coastal or river flooding
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a graph showing changes in a rivers discharge and rainfall over time
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rising limb
represents the rapid rise in water after a period of heavy rainfall
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lag time
the difference between the time of the heaviest rainfall and the point at which the river contains the largest amount of water
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falling limb
shows the reduction in the amount of rainfall reaching the channel
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a process where sediments are dropped by the river, glacier or waves that carried them
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a stream or small river that joins to a larger one

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solid creep


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