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Cities grow for 2 reasons:
through natural increase (internal growth) where people in the city have children & through rural-urban migration.
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Push factors (force people to leave)
remoteness of services, shortage of land due to population pressure, flooding of land etc.
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Pull factors (draw people to an area)
better housing, job prospects, family already living there etc.
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Advantages of Urban Growth
the urban poor provide a massive labour force who carry out essential jobs that keep cities running
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Aim =
widen selected streets for emergency services & waste collection, improved roads & pavements, pipes for water & cables for electricity, improved sanitation – construction of sewers, added health care facilities & built schools
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Authorities provided...Residents provided...
material so that residents could construct accommodation & set up self help schemes. Residents provided the labour & worked together to improve each others housing.
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Now it has...
Improved living conditions = less likely to have diseases spread, increased pride = less crime, more time to work & study = future jobs guaranteed, people are healthier = not concerned for paying for healthcare & wealthier because of better jobs &
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the project there was no access to clean water & there were only very few toliets which meant people had to go out in the open = unpleasant living conditions & spread of disease.
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- 60 toilets were built in the slum = no longer a bad smell & better living environment & other benefits = children attending school regularly as they are no longer ill as of diarrheoa.
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Informal sector?
work done by people on an informal basis, unregulated, low-paid & often for themselves.
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Formal sector
work within a specific organisation/company, usually with a contract, regular hours & pay.
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Key features of a sustainable city?
generates power from renewable methods, recycles & reuses as much waste as possible, collects & manages water supply, walking & cycling promoted, provides good quality affordable housing for its residents, new homes are energy efficient.
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Push factors (force people to leave)


remoteness of services, shortage of land due to population pressure, flooding of land etc.

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Pull factors (draw people to an area)


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Advantages of Urban Growth


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Aim =


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