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2. In which stage of Meiosis do the bivalents line up on the equator?

  • Metaphase II
  • Metaphase I
  • Anaphase II
  • Telophase I

3. In which stage of Meoisis do the spindles contract and chromatids are pulled to the poles?

  • Interphase I
  • Anaphase II
  • Prophase I
  • Prophase II

4. How many cells are produced after Meiosis II?

  • 4 haploid cells
  • 2 haploid cells
  • 4 diploid cells
  • 3 diploid cells

5. Which enzyme breaks the hydrogen bonds during replication?

  • DNA Helicase
  • RNA polymerase
  • DNA Polymerase
  • DNA ligase


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