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from mid-'60s reforms had ideological basis in?
working towards more fair / equal society
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evidence many of reform based on party's intention to?
meet needs of population
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they also formed social contract of '60s which did what?
gov would provide social / welfare benefits + pop woulds show outward loyalty
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by end 70s good intentions had been undermined by?
economic shortcomings
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why wa there widespread damage to housing in urban areas?
wwii esp. berlin / dresde
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in GRD what % housing est was destroyed by '45?
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actual housing shortage alleviated by what in '50s?
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what was much of leftover housing like?
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what fraction houses had only 1or2 rooms?
over 1/2
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less than what fraction of houses had over 3 rooms?
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and what % had central heating?
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what % homes had toilet in 50s?
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and bath?
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by mid '70s what % homes had central heating?
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and what % bath / showe?
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showing what about progress?
slow af
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growing need for housing in what areas?
those that new industries were being developed
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whats the famous palce built for workers @ new chemical plant?
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fd in?
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new residential communities was also party of party vision of creating new?
socialist towns
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what three centres were included on housing estate?
healt / childcare / community + BONUS sports facilities
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what was seen as leading to people's lives being totally influenced by state ideology / policy?
interlinking workplace / housing / welfare
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what constrained SED idealistic socialist towns?
economy overall
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clear focus on what?
quantity > quality
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resulting in what kind of substandard housing?
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what programme became one of honecker's flagship policies?
to improcve housing significantyl
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when did he announce 1m homes would be built before '90?
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between '71-'75 how many homes built?
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and by '80 target succeeded w/ rapid construction what kind of housing?
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unlike prev attempts in this what did he do with old pre-war housing?
attempt refurbish
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how many buildings refurbished '71-'75?
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by end '80s how much money spent on programme?
200bn marks
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- limitations + failures
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locals who lived in plattenbaus referred to them as what?
'stone deserts' / 'lockers to keep workers in' / 'comfort cells'
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crime rates ysyally higher + halle neustadt renamed?
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crime rate what % higher than nearby old town halle?
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what was the deal w/ young couple housing?
had to live usually w/ parents even after marriage
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arrangement was factor cited in?
many a divorce
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what in housing socilaly remained?
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who lived in best housing?
members of party elite
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which group were weirdly overlooked on new housing?
elderly (well, i gues sits not weird just like its a group you wouldn't expect to be mentioned)
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principle of housing for all undermined by availability leading to?
prioritisation based on political standing / ecomonic worth
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in leipzig '84 wat % young skilled professionals hadhot water + indoor toilets?
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compated with what % in older residentail districts?
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one of greatest sources of frustration as that ppl were dependent on what?
state for housing
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no personal control over?
repair of living cond'ts / chance moving
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frustration led to housing being main cause of what?
letters complaint to party officials
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evidence many of reform based on party's intention to?


meet needs of population

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they also formed social contract of '60s which did what?


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by end 70s good intentions had been undermined by?


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