gdr ; life in east germany ; welfare system ; extensive social welfare programme

gov viewed good health essential for what?
high productivity
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what were there a series of in every district?
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as health-care systems were provided on what basis?
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according to?
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polyclinics offered what?
general health care + some specialist treatment thru temas doctors / nurses
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in '71 what in polyclinic was allowed in response to patients' demands?
choice of doctor
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much of healthcare based on what?
preventative medicine / early diagnosis
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welfare measures that did what also helped improve general health of female pop?
eased mothers' working load
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for elderly and disabled what was providied by state?
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but many prefered to live in?
family home
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increasing population demands for welfare provision improvements led to series fo measures being announcedwhen?
may '76
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@ which party congress?
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SED aware welfare provision was one method of keeping?
social stability
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as well as minimising attraction of?
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and providing what internationally?
good publicity for gdr
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duly introduced increases in?
minimum wage
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what % pension rise?
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and increased what for working mothers?
holiday entitlement
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- results
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in '60s/'70s what increased to west comparable levels?
life expectancy
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success also tangible in which two areas?
pre/antenatal care
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as early as what year were numbers of childbirth death better than FRG?'
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social welfare provision aimed at supporting mothers and therefore encouraging what were successful?
birthrate rise
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what were mothers with children under 18 entitled to?
shorter working hrs + more holiday pay
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in '85 what was egerman birth rate by thousand?
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and in frg?
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in '60 how many doctors per 100,000?
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and in '89?
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no. hospital beds in what yr comparable to FRG?
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most basic what often in short supply?
medical equipment
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in early '70s hospitals were complaining of lack of?
rubber gloves / syringes
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by end '70s what for social provision increasingly under pressure?
economic resources
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partly result of worsening eco situaition but also?
increasingly aged population
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coupled with spiralling costs of?
new tech
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gov statements and promises resulted in higher expectations putting pressure on?
health-care system
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care of what types of people far less impressive than that directed @ mothers / workers?
less economically productive e.g elderly / disabled
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often placed in homes of staff w/ good intentions but?
v little training / poor physical resources
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what were mothers of severely disabled children allowed?
extra days off work to provide care in home
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limited econmic resources led to system of
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whereby best resources often where?
uni hospitals
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usually reserved for who?
top party officials / specialised workers vital to economy
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party leadership treated @ what hospital w/ most up to date tech?
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dev social welfare in GDR echoed gerenal theme of good intentions being udermined by?
economic shortcomings
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records of ministry of health reveal that mecklinger (h's minister for health) was foceful in presenting case of?
extending welfare provision
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on which two grounds?
political / humanitarian
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but he was thwarted by who in which ministry's influence?
******* gunter mittag and the ****** ministry for the economy
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promo for good health also limited by social attitudes of egermans as many heavy?
eaters / drinkers
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what were there a series of in every district?



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as health-care systems were provided on what basis?


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according to?


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polyclinics offered what?


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