GCSE History paper 2-Race Relations

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1. which of the following people were not involved in the civil rights movement?

  • Woodrow Wilson
  • Malcom x
  • Martin Luther King
  • Rosa Parks
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2. rosa parks did what on the bus which led to the bus boycott

  • wouldnt move when her seat became in the white only section as the bus filled up
  • sat at the front of the bus
  • talked to a black american on the bus
  • shouted and made a lot of noise to annoy people

3. which of these are NOT true. martin luther king..

  • ..was assassinated
  • ...agreed with violent protests
  • ..won a nobel prize
  • ...was studying for a phD

4. which ended segregation in schools

  • sweat vs painter
  • little rock
  • brown vs topeka
  • bus boycott

5. the freedom rides..

  • ..was where Martin Luther King made his 'i have a dream' speach
  • ..demanded legal reform
  • ..rode from washington to through to deep south on a bus
  • ..conducted protests


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