French Speaking Accommodation: Hotel Reservation Vocab

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to stay
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le camping
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la tente
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faire du camping
to go camping
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l'auberge (f) de jeunesse (le berge dejeneje)
youth hostel
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la chambre d'hote
bed and breakfast
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la colonie de vacances
holiday camp
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Je cherche un hotel qui n'est pas cher.
i'm looking for a hotel that isn't expensive
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un hotel de luxe
a luxury hotel
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je cherche un hotel au bord de lar mer ou a Nice
I'm looking for a hotel at the seaside or in Nice
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Est-ce qu'il y a une auberge de jeunesse ici?
Is there a youth hostel here?
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Le logement
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Ou aimez-vous loger?
Where do you like to stay?
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Quel est votre type de lodgement prefere?
What's your favorite type of accommodation?
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J'aime loger dans les hotels car c'est plus pratique. Aussi, tu peut se detendre plus si on loge dans un hotel parce qu'on ne doit pas cuisiner et les chambres sont deja preparees
I like staying in hotels because it's more practical. Also, you can relax more if you stay in a hotel because you don't have to cook & the rooms are already prepared
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to book/ to reserve
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la valise
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les bagages (m)
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la piece d'identitie
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le passeport
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L'agence (f) de voyages
travel agency
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la climatisation
air conditioning
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le sac de couchage
sleeping bag
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l'emplacement (m)
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la chambre
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le lit a deux places
the double bed
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les lits (m) jumeaux
twin beds
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donner sur
to overlook
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Je voudrais reserver une chambre du 25 aout au 27 aout
I would like to reserve a room from the 25th August to the 27th August
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J'ai mis mon passeport et mes lunettes de soleil dans ma valise
I put my passport & my sunglasses in my suitcase
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Je voudrais a reserver une chambre avec un lit a deux places
i would like to book a room with a double bed
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bunk bed
a lits superposes
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Je voudrais reserver un emplacement pour une tente du 13 juillet au 17 juillet pour une adult
I would like to book a pitch for one tent from the 13-17th July for one adult
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Je preferee avoir une chambre simple avec climatisation qui donne sur la mer
I prefer to have a single room with air conditioning which overlooks the sea
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