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Comparisons 2
Conjunctions 2
Connectives 2
Prepositions 23
Negatives 3
Number Expressions 3
Asking Questions 3
Common Questions 3
Greetings and Exclamations 34
Opinions 45
Expressions of Time 56
Location/Distance 6
Colour 6
Weights & Measures 67
Shape 7
Weather 7
Access 7
Correctness 7
Materials 78
Abbreviations 8
Health 910
Relationship & Choices 1012
Free Time & The Media 1214
Holidays 1416
Home & Local Area 1617
Environment 18
School/College & Future…read more

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The Listening and Reading assessments for Foundation Tier are based on the General Vocabulary List and
the Foundation Vocabulary List . At Higher Tier the assessments are based on the General Vocabulary List ,
the Foundation Vocabulary List and the Higher Vocabulary List . In addition, you should also expect to
encounter some unfamiliar vocabulary and may be tested on it.
GENERAL VOCABULARY LIST ­ You will be expected to use and understand the following vocabulary.…read more

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ère behind devant in front (of)
en in/on/by en dehors de apart from
en face de opposite entre between
jusqu'à until malgré despite
parmi among pour for/in order to
près de near sans without
selon according to sous under
sur on vers towards
ne... jamais never ne... pas not
ne... personne nobody ne.... plus no more
ne.... que only ne.... rien nothing
ni.... ni neither...…read more

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ée happy new year
bonne chance good luck bonne idée good idea
bonne nuit goodnight bonnes vacances have a nice holiday
bonsoir good evening bravo well done
ça va (?) ok (how are you ?) d'accord ok
de rien you're welcome désolé sorry
excusezmoi excuse me félicitations congratulations
Joyeux Noël Happy Christmas meilleurs voeux best wishes/seasons
merci thank you non no
oui yes pardon sorry
quel dommage ! what a shame ! salut hi/bye
santé cheers s'il te/vous plaît please
à mon avis…read more

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Eg avoir de la
penser to think pessimiste pessimistic
peutêtre maybe populaire popular
positif/positive positive pratique practical
préférer to prefer promettre to promise
regretter to regret/to be sorry ridicule ridiculous
rigolo funny sage good/wellbehaved/wise
sembler to seem sensass sensational
simple simple/easy splendide splendid
stupide stupid supporter to support/put up
superbe superbe utile useful
vouloir to want/desire zut ! drat/blast !
demi half past environ about
heure hour midi midday
minuit midnight minute minute
moins to quart quarter
seconde second à…read more

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ècle century soir evening
soudain suddenly souvent often
suivant following/next sur le point de on the point of
tard late tôt early
toujours always tous les jours everyday
tout à coup/d'un coup suddenly/all of a sudden tout de suite immediately/straightaway
vite soon/quickly/fast weekend weekend
à droite on the right à gauche on the left
la banlieue suburbs centreville town centre
la campagne countryside chez at home
de chaque côté on each/either side de l'autre côté on the other side
en bas downstairs…read more

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ès very trop too
carré square hauteur height
rond round
une averse a shower briller to shine
le brouillard fog la chaleur heat
chaud hot le ciel sky
le climat climate couvert covered/cloudy
le degré degree doux mild
un éclair lightning une éclaircie sunny spell
ensoleillé sunny faire beau to be nice weather
faire mauvais to be bad weather froid cold
geler to freeze la glace ice
humide humid/damp la météo weather forecast
mouillé wet la neige snow
neiger to snow le nuage…read more

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