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french vocab on holidays for higher tier

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French vocabulary revision- holidays
Français Anglais
Les vacances The Holidays
Le sable The sand
La décontraction Relaxation
Le trajet Journey
Se bronzer To sunbathe
Le bateau The ferry
Voyager To travel
La valise Suitcase
Défaire sa valise To unpack your suitcase
Louer To rent
Rencontrer To meet
Se baigner To bathe
La colonie de vacances Holiday camp
A l'étranger Abroad
Un appareil photo A camera
Le séjour Stay
Plonger To dive
Le voyage a forfait Package holiday
La station balnéaire Holiday resort
Le vacancier Holidaymaker
La chambre d'hôte Bed and breakfast
Ca vaut la pierre d'être vu It's worth seeing
Une auberge de jeunesse A youth hostel
La croisière Cruise holidays
Le terrain de camping Camping site
Les hôtels-arbres Tree house hotels
La chaleur Heat
Le mal de mer Seas sick
La vue View
Le sac a dos Rucksack
Le circuit Tour
Voler To fly
Faire des randonnées To go hiking
Apporter To bring
Surfait Overrated
Se noyer To drown
Se divertir To have fun
Le paysage The landscape
Etre pique par des moustiques To get bitten by mosquitoes
Se blesser To injure yourself
Tomber To fall
Inoubliable Unforgettable
Un peu insipide Wishy washy/ dull
Se balader To go for a walk
Faire des châteaux de sable To make sandcastles
Une fête foraine A country fair
Le lever de soleil Sun rise
L'aube Dawn
Le crépuscule Dusk
fastidieux Tedious



This list of holiday vocabulary is ideal for those students aiming at the higher grades. It offers a variety of more unusual terms that could make your speaking or writing into something more special. There are a couple of accents missing here and there - which may need checking. ('worth seeing' - should be changed to 'valoir la peine ....' not 'la pierre')

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