Fish and shellfish

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how would you skin a Dover sole?
Hold tail cut a little skin away from tail so there is enough to hold. Pull the skin away from the fish with a knife - tail to head. Turn fish over and repeat on other side. Trim tail and fins before removing eyes, wash and then dry thoroughly.
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suggest ways of cooking the following -fillets of sole -breaded plaice goujons -whole trout -smoked haddock -white fish kebabs
-Fillets of sole (pan fry/grill/poach/steam) -breaded plaice goujons (deep fry) -whole trout (grill/pan fry/bake) -smoked haddock (poach/steam/pan fry) -white fish kebabs(grill/barbecue/tandoori)
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what are soused herrings or mackerel?
Fillets of herring or mackerel, rolled and cooked in a pickling liquid.
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what ingredients would you expect to see in kedgeree?
Smoked fish/rice/hard boiled egg/butter/often served with a curry sauce
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what is meant by a darne of fish?
A thick cut straight through the bone of a round fish e.g. salmon
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what is meant by a troncon of fish?
A thick cut through the bone of a flat fish e.g. turbot (these cuts are usually large so can be halved and even quartered)
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when cooking fish dishes suggest way to make the dish healthier.
-Reduce salts and fats -use unsaturated fats -use spray oils for frying -use low fat fromage frais instead of cream or use low fat creams in sauces.
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if you were buying whole round fish, what quality points would you look for?
-Clear bright un sunken eyes -bright red grills -plentiful scales (well attached) -moist shiny skin -stiff tail/firm flesh -fresh sea smell,no ammonia/fishy smell
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fish is a perishable item, suggest ways it can be preserved.
-Freezing/chilling -canning -salting/smoking -pickling -drying -vacuum sealing
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if you had some frozen fish fillets for use on tomorrows menu, how would you defrost them?
-Place in deep tray/container, cover and label -Place on the bottom shelf of refrigerator until completely defrosted -do not allow them to touch or drip onto other foods -thaw completely before use
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when taking a delivery of fish of both frozen and fresh fish, what should their temperatures be?
-Fresh (below 5c) -frozen (at or below -18c)
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how many species of fish are there estimated to be in the world?
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why may the quality of fish not be good around spawning season?
In spawning, fish use up reserves of fat and protein, making their flesh watery and soft.
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shellfish are divided into two main type. what are they?
Molluscs and crustaceans.
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what are the 3 types of scallops?
-Great -bay -queen
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why are shellfish prone to rapid spoilage?
Because of their make up of proteins/amino-acids that encourage bacterial growth.
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when cooking mussels, what should you look for?
-Before cooking (the shells are all clean unbroken and closed) -after cooking (the shells are all open)
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Dublin bay prawns are also known by two other names what are they?
-Langoustine -Norway lobster
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