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Brushing is applied to which two fabrics? C___ and N___
Cotton and Nylon
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Brushing makes the fabrics what?
Fluffy and warm
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Plus, s___ to touch
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What is the process for brushing?
The fabric passes through rollers with metal wires
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What do these wires do?
Pluck up the fibres
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Calendaring s___ the fabric
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Fabrics pass through e_____ rollers which c____ patterns
Engraved roller which carve patterns on the surface
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Heat finished are applied to what fabrics?
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It manipulates the fabric to create?
Shapes and pleats
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Bleaching c____ and synthetic fabrics
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Bleached before dyed to make it easier...
To make pastel shades
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Mercerising uses a chemical, s____ h____
Sodium hydroxide
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Giving a crisp and sh___
Shiny look
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Improves the s___
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Used on?
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Which fabric uses shrink resistant the most?
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T___ is applied
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This finish makes the fabric what?
Smooth and machine washable
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R_s_n is applied to fabrics for crease resistant purposes
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Prevents creasing on which fabrics?
Cotton and viscose
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What is not required as much?
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Flame resistant finishes are applied to what by law?
Children's nightwear
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But the main issue is that the fabrics become?
Weak and stiff
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Anti-bacterial finishes are applied why?
To slow down the growth of bacteria
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Used in which profession?
Medical textiles
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And what preventing shoes?
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Coating involves adding a layer to fabric, which renowned company is an example to this?
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This makes the fabric what?
Stain resistant, breathable, water repellent
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Used for children's what?
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Biological finishes use e__ymes
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This alters what?
The fabrics appearance
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For example, bio-stoning is given to?
Denim products
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Thermochronic finishes change what?
The colour
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In response to?
The temperature
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Brushing makes the fabrics what?


Fluffy and warm

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Plus, s___ to touch


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What is the process for brushing?


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What do these wires do?


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