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"Anyone would think you were...
six instead of sixteen" - Mark
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Edward, stage directions:
Distressed, Helplessly, Sadly
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"It's all locked up and...
safe and they can't get in" - Verity
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"I wish I didn't have...
to live at home" -Mark
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"Verity Lake in the...
Verity Mountains" -Verity
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"Don't come near me! I'll...
blow you up!"-Verity
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"Perhaps you could write to me because...
I get very lonely" -Verity
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"She cut off a lot of her hair and she...
tore up a whole box full of letters and photographs." -Edward
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"She's been in there a whole year...
and they still can't tell us what's wrong with her." - Jean
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"She'd been having that horrible...
shock treatment last time" -Jean
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"Let her go. Let her run away and...
stay away. I don't care." -Mark
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"I don't even know...
if I do love her" -Jean
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"I have been obliged to place her in D Two...
a locked chronic ward for Geriatrics." -Consultant
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Edward, stage directions:


Distressed, Helplessly, Sadly

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"It's all locked up and...


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"I wish I didn't have...


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"Verity Lake in the...


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