Quiz questions based on A People's Tragedy: the Russian Revolution 1891-24

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1. Which best describes the New Economic policy introduced in 1920?

  • Stalin abolished it in 1928 as part of the Great Turn
  • Lenin overturned War Communism and introduced a mixed economy
  • the nep men introduced free trade
  • There was forced labour supression of trade unions
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2. What were the May Laws?

  • Laws ensuring that the Tsar was thought of as a God on earth by the peasants
  • Laws enshringing rights of monarchy
  • Laws passed by Pobedonostsev imposing Jewish Pale 1882
  • Laws passed by Dumas after 1906

3. 25% of Russian industry was in the hands of foreign owners in1890 and by 1914 this had increased to 40%

  • True
  • False

4. Which of the following should not be included in the lessons Lenin learned after the 1905 revolution?

  • Fatal split between liberals and democrats
  • Armed forces proved to be loyal
  • The political freedoms introduced in 1905 such as newspapers and growth of public institutions
  • Oppositions movements separated (workers, peasants armed forces)

5. Which best describes the Kornilov affair?

  • Lenin thought the provisional government had been captured by military dictatorship
  • Kerensky became isolated after misleading Kornilov into believing Petrograd was to be overtaken by force
  • Kornilov and Kerensky were in conflict over how to save the provional government
  • Neither peace nor social change could be achieved thru the compromise with bourgeois


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