Quiz questions based on A People's Tragedy: the Russian Revolution 1891-24

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1. Which was not a sign of Bolshevism in retreat

  • 1921 strikes in Moscow
  • 10th Party Congress introduction of ban on factions
  • The Tambov Revolt 1920-1
  • 1921 Kronstadt Rebellion
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2. Who favoured the 1905 October Manifesto?

  • The Socialist Revolutionaries
  • Conservative liberals, Octoberists, Kadets
  • The Police and Okhrana
  • The Black Hundreds

3. 25% of Russian industry was in the hands of foreign owners in1890 and by 1914 this had increased to 40%

  • True
  • False

4. Which of the following changes were not encompassed in the Russian Great Reforms?

  • 1865 new laws on censorship
  • 1864 Peasants were removed from Customary Law
  • 1864 Zemstvos elected assemblies of local government dominated by gentry
  • 1863 Universites and primary schools reformed

5. Which answer best explains why the army turned into a revolutionary mob in 1917?

  • Commanders were appointed on account of loyalty to the courts.
  • Commanders had better food and conditions in the trenches than the officer class.
  • Moral discipline weakened as conditions at front worsened.
  • There was a lack of clear command structure in the army.


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