Quiz questions based on A People's Tragedy: the Russian Revolution 1891-24

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1. What was article 87 of the Fundamental Laws?

  • It was the article which dissolved the Dumas on July 7 1906
  • Nicholas II was Commander of Armed Forces and the Ministry of the Interior was beyond control of police
  • A loophole to bypass parliamentry opposition
  • An article which split the state Duma in February 1906
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2. Which of the following should not be included in the lessons Lenin learned after the 1905 revolution?

  • The political freedoms introduced in 1905 such as newspapers and growth of public institutions
  • Armed forces proved to be loyal
  • Oppositions movements separated (workers, peasants armed forces)
  • Fatal split between liberals and democrats

3. Which answer best explains why the army turned into a revolutionary mob in 1917?

  • Moral discipline weakened as conditions at front worsened.
  • There was a lack of clear command structure in the army.
  • Commanders were appointed on account of loyalty to the courts.
  • Commanders had better food and conditions in the trenches than the officer class.

4. Why did household size in central Russia decline from 9.5 to 6.8 in numbers between 1861-4?

  • Industrialisation and improved education
  • peasants believed in sacred link between labour and land
  • Average life expectancy was only until aged 35 years
  • Peasants did not own allottments because of restricted mobility until 1906

5. What was trade of 'bagging'?

  • bags of industrial materials made into axes and ploughs for sale
  • sale of household goods from cities in exchange for bags of food
  • Reclamation and control of bags of food supply
  • State monopoly of food supply


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