Quiz questions based on A People's Tragedy: the Russian Revolution 1891-24

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1. What was the first effort of War communism which began in 1918?

  • Industry came under State control in Decree of Sovnarkom
  • Stalin's aim to abolish all private trade
  • Grain monopoly
  • Lenin's order of death to kulaks via food brigades
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2. Lenin's second purge of 1918 reduced party membership by how much?

  • 62%
  • 37%
  • 46%
  • 15%

3. Who favoured the 1905 October Manifesto?

  • The Black Hundreds
  • The Police and Okhrana
  • Conservative liberals, Octoberists, Kadets
  • The Socialist Revolutionaries

4. What caused the disagreement at 2nd Party Congress in London (had to move from Brussels due to police harassment) in 1903?

  • The meaning of the words Bolshevik (majority) and Menshevik (minority)
  • Lenin and Martov disagreed on the article of the statute about party membership
  • There was no real Menshevik Leader
  • The fact that Lenin began to write the Socialist newspaper called the Spark

5. When did Lenin declare the 'policy of looting the looters'?

  • Jan 1918
  • Nov 1917
  • March 1918
  • Jun 1918


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