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2. What was the first effort of War communism which began in 1918?

  • Stalin's aim to abolish all private trade
  • Grain monopoly
  • Industry came under State control in Decree of Sovnarkom
  • Lenin's order of death to kulaks via food brigades

3. What were the May Laws?

  • Laws ensuring that the Tsar was thought of as a God on earth by the peasants
  • Laws enshringing rights of monarchy
  • Laws passed by Pobedonostsev imposing Jewish Pale 1882
  • Laws passed by Dumas after 1906

4. Who attempted to assinate Lenin in Sept 1918?

  • Fanny Kaplan
  • Trotsky and Stalin
  • The Okhrana
  • Kerensky

5. Lenin's second purge of 1918 reduced party membership by how much?

  • 46%
  • 15%
  • 62%
  • 37%


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