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2. Why does aluminium not corrode easily?

  • expensive
  • Has a protective layer of aluminium oxide
  • it isnt reactive so doesnt react to form rust etc
  • it is strong

3. Why can Aluminium not be displaced by carbon

  • aluminium is an expensive metal
  • aluminium is too strong
  • Aluminium is more reactive than carbon
  • aluminium is less reactive than carbon

4. Why does it cost so much to extract aluminium?

  • Very expensive- lots of heat and electricty is needed
  • It is worth a lot of money
  • Have to pay the people to extract the metal
  • Very rare

5. Why is aluminium so useful?

  • It resists corrosion and is very light
  • Very strong
  • can be used to make cars
  • very cheap and there is lots of it


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