Extraction of Aluminium

Extraction of Aluminium and consequences involved

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  • Extraction of Aluminium
    • Aluminium  ore is called bauxite
    • Exctraction is done by electrolysis
      • But first aluminium oxide must be molten
    • Electrolysis
      • Aluminium metal forms at negative electrode (cathode) and sinks at the bottom of the tank
      • Takes place in an aluminium oxide electrolysis tank where the cathode and anode are made of carbon
      • Oxygen attracts to the positve electrode. (anode)
        • Oxygen reacts with carbon atoms on the electrode and forms Carbon Dioxide and gradually burns away
          • Due to this, the positive anode needs to be replaced regularly ... costing more money
    • Aluminium oxide has high melting point so it could be very expensive to melt it
      • Instead it is dissolved in an aluminium compound with a lower melting point than aluminium oxide
        • This reduces some of the energy costs.
    • Aluminium is most abundant metal on Earth


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