Events of Book 9 - The Iliad

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1. How does Achilles respond to Agamemnon's peace offering?

  • He accepts it on the condition that Agamemnon is killed.
  • He accepts it but still refuses to go to war.
  • He rejects it and refuses to return to war.
  • He rejects it but agrees to go to war if Agamemnon is killed.
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2. What does Agamemnon offer Achilles as a peace offering?

  • Hector's heart.
  • Many gifts.
  • Helen.
  • Menelaus' daughter.

3. Why are the Greeks sad in Book 9?

  • The Trojan army have the support of Athene.
  • The Trojan army is about to attack the camp.
  • The Trojan army have taken Menelaus.
  • The Trojan army have taken Agamemnon.

4. Why does Diomedes encourage the Greek army to stay and fight like himself?

  • He knows that if the Greeks retreat they will be slaughtered.
  • He knows that Troy is destined to fall.
  • He knows that destiny dictates that Helen will be returned.
  • He knows Agamemnon wants to form a truce with the Trojans.

5. What does Agamemnon propose doing when he realises the Greek army is failing?

  • Returning to Greece.
  • Offering a truce to the Trojan army.
  • ********* the Trojan army of their weapons.
  • Kidnapping Helen before retreating.


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