Events of Book 9 - The Iliad

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1. What does Achilles say his intentions are when Agamemnon's men find him?

  • To go home and live a long but inglorious life.
  • To go to Ilium and to reclaim Helen for his own.
  • To slaughter Agamemnon's family before returning to Pthia.
  • To slaughter Hector's family before returning to Argos.
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2. Who does Agamemnon send to make peace with Achilles?

  • Patroclus, Ajax and Nestor.
  • Ajax, Odysseus and Phoenix.
  • Trygaeus, Ajax and Nestor.
  • Phoenix, Odysseus and Menelaus.

3. What is Achilles doing when Agamemnon's men find him?

  • Cleaning his chariot alone.
  • Playing a lyre with Patroclus.
  • Building wheels with Ajax.
  • Throwing a hammer with Nestor.

4. How does Achilles respond to Agamemnon's peace offering?

  • He accepts it on the condition that Agamemnon is killed.
  • He accepts it but still refuses to go to war.
  • He rejects it and refuses to return to war.
  • He rejects it but agrees to go to war if Agamemnon is killed.

5. Who suggests that Agamemnon should make friends with Achilles after their argument?

  • Diomedes
  • Nestor
  • Menelaus
  • Patroclus


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