What is the literal definition of euthanasia?
It literally means ''a good death''.
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Why can't we define euthanasia by its true definition?
It makes a value judgement about the issue
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Define ''physician assisted suicide":
A doctor provides drugs that will end a patients' life.
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Define ''active euthanasia'':
Medication is given with the express purpose of shortening someones' life.
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Define ''passive euthanasia":
The withdrawal of life saving treatment
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When was euthanasia made illegal in the UK?
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Define ''voluntary euthanasia'':
When the person who is suffering makes the conscious decision that they want to end their life.
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Define ''non-voluntary euthanasia":
When the patient is unable to make a decision for themselves (e.g they're in a Permanent Vegetative State).
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Define ''in-voluntary euthanasia":
Where a person does not want to die but is killed/assisted in dying anyway.
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What did Bentham famously say about natural rights?
All talk of natural right is ''nonsense on stilts'' (in reference to ''do we have the right to die?")
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What type of belief is concerned when we say ''it is always wrong to kill"?
Deontological belief (actions over consequences)
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Give two examples of euthanasia case studies:
Dianne Pretty (suffering from motor neurone disease), Jack Kevorkian (aka Dr.Death).
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What's a utilitarian approach towards euthanasia?
Allowed/accepted. Especially if the measure of pain is immensely great and the patient is suffering. Harm Principle - so long as you don't harm anyone else, actions are excepted. Outcome over action.
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What's a Kantian approach to euthanasia?
Not allowed/accepted. Cannot be universalised, using the person as a means to an end.
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What does Natural Law say about euthanasia?
Not accepted as it goes against the primary and secondary precepts. However, it is permitted under the principle of double effect which is where it becomes - utilitarian.
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What does Situation Ethics say about euthanasia?
Is permitted in terms of the ''most loving outcome''. However, can see actions wrongly justified out of love. Also, is it pragmatic, positive? etc.
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What does the Bible say about euthanasia?
There is not a general response for euthanasia in the Bible: in Job 1:21 ''God gives and God takes away''. ''Do not kill''. Sanctity of life.
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What does the Roman Catholic Church say about euthanasia?
The Roman Catholic Church is completely against euthanasia, seeing it in the same light as murder. ''Human life is scared'' - Human Vitae 1968. Supports administering life saving drugs, even if leads to death.
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What does the Church of England say about euthanasia?
Disagrees with euthanasia. They echo the Roman Catholic Church - sanctity of life. Also believe it is not right to keep someone alive regardless of the quality of life.
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Why can't we define euthanasia by its true definition?


It makes a value judgement about the issue

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Define ''physician assisted suicide":


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Define ''active euthanasia'':


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