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should euthanasia be a human right?

YES  =end all suffering, allows a person to make their own decisions about death, Shorten's suffering for patient's relatives, allowing some countries to preform euthanasia and others not to is not fair, euthanasia could be the most loving this

NO only God can end a life, what is the motive to wanting to die? making euthanasia a human right will effect others, such as doctors and nurses, death doesn't have to be painful, there is people to help 

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RELIGIOUS ARGUMENT FOR ABORTION women have the right to decide what happens as it is their body, abortion is much better than having an unwanted or severely handicapped child, how could a woman love a child who was born as a result of ****? abortion prevents unwanted children that wont be cared for correctly, if abortion was made illegal it would create dangerous back ally abortions, the life of the mother is more important than the life of the foetus, abortion is better than a child living in poverty

RELIGIOUS ARGUMENT AGAINST ABORTION all children have the right to live, there are more couples than ever that would happily adopt a child, abortion can leave a woman with both mental and physical scars, medicine (doctors) should seek to preserve life at all times 

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