Ethnicity and Crime

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1. Most crime is performed by young males who come from poor backgrounds. There is an over-representation of this group because there is a higher proportion of young males in the ethnic minority population

  • Mayhew
  • Gordon
  • Cohen
  • Philips and Brown
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2. Moral panics are outdated - They do not have the same impact they use to have

  • Young
  • McRobbie and Garber
  • Cohen
  • Waddington

3. Islamaphobia has the potential to make Asian crime and victimization worse; there has been more attacks on Asians since 9/11 - The more they are stigmatized the more likely they will be to join terrorism

  • Abbas
  • Hood
  • Alexander
  • Cohen

4. Police label certain individuals through canteen culture - racist culture often underpins the decision to stop black Britains

  • Althusser
  • Holdaway
  • Cashmore
  • Gilroy

5. Media portrayals of Asians and Black youths are inaccurate

  • Sewell
  • Desai
  • Alexander
  • Waddington


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