ethnicity and crime

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  • ethnicity and crime
    • racism in wider society
      • crisis in capitalism
        • Hall- ethnic minorities being used as scapegoat
      • cultural resistance 
        • a higher number of petty crime such as vandalism and shoplifting.
      • the ethnic minorities are excluded
        • Rex Noon- job applications
    • racist practices of the police force
      • canteen culture
        • cynical of the ethnic minorities- Reiner and/or holdaway
      • institutional racism
        • Lawrence case, where the victim’s parents were treated as lower class and Steve’s friend Dwayne as an offender rather than a victim.
      • statistical  artifact  approach
        • Fitzgerald-  police are more likely to record crime of ethnic minorities more than whites and also record them as more serious when they have the same reports as white crime
    • real differences in offending 
      • social characteristics
        • Mayhew-  most crime is performed by young males who tend to come from a more working class background
          • young working class males are over-represented by ethinic minoritites
      • left realism approaches
        • Lea and Young- British  population marginalise ethnic minorities


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