Environmental Ethics

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The Judaeo-Christian idea that humans have a special place in the natural world and have responsibility for it.
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Belief that God has given humanity responsibility to care and look after the planet.
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Creation Spirituality
A religious approach that emphasizes that humankind is part of creation and that God can be found in all of his creation.
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The idea that humans and their interests are more significant than those of any other species.
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Deep Ecology/Libertarianism:
The belief that all life forms have intrinsic value.
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Discrimination in favour of one species, usually the human species, over another.
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The idea that all living things, whether humans, animals or plants, have rights.
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Ecological Extension (Eco-Holism)
The belief that all ecosystems and living things are interdependent.
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Gaia Hypothesis
The hypothesis that suggests that the world’s physical properties and the biosphere join together to form a complex interacting system.
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The idea of Gaia comes from the name of the Greek Goddess of the Earth, who was believed to be intrinsically part of the planet.
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The mutually beneficial relationship between two things, where they are dependent of each other.
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Conservation Ethics
The ethics of the use, allocation, protection and exploitation of the natural world.
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Conservationism (Shallow Ecology)
The theory that the environment’s importance is related to it’s usefulness for humanity.
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Instrumental Value
Something’s value lies in its usefulness for others.
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Intrinsic Value
Belief that something is valuable in itself.
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The variety of living things on earth.
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Belief that God has given humanity responsibility to care and look after the planet.

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Creation Spirituality


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Deep Ecology/Libertarianism:


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