Theories and Environment

Apply the theory to the environment

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Theories Environment
Natural Law PP ­ live in society, appropriate use of resources and avoid exploitation.
Be united with God (teleological) PP ­ Worship God, the appropriate exercise of Dominion and Stewardship.
Do good and avoid evil (Synderesis rule)
Primary Precepts Secondary precepts that allow for human activity (which will almost always affect the
Secondary Precepts environment) but is ways consistent with our place within it.
Utilitarianism Bentham ­ the world has instrumental value / use to humans.
Bentham ­ Quantity = Hedonic Calculus Hedonic Calculus ­ Extent and duration. How many people will be affected by human activity?
Mill ­ Quality = Higher/lower order pleasures
Act and Rule
Kantian Ethics Humans are of higher value due to reason so anthropocentric in approach.
Duty Duty to stewardship and therefore live in a sustainable way.
Categorical Imperative =
1. Universalisation Cannot universalise exploitation, could universalise sustainability but see end column.
2. People as ends
3. Ends in themselves Are environmental issues too emotive for Kant?
Religious Ethics Dominion ­ Power over the environment (rule over ...)
Bible teaching Stewardship ­ God given purpose to look after the environment
Church teaching
Other theories = Situation Ethics Emphasis from RC and CE churches is on sustainable practice. We must live responsibly now
for the sake of God's creation and future generations.
Situation Ethics might reflect the need for addressing these complex issues on an individual

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