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2. a term to describe an area of language to do with a certain field

  • Connotation
  • Jargon
  • Semantic Field
  • Collocation

3. describes the objective appearance of a noun

  • Emotive Adjective
  • Evaluative Adjective
  • Descriptive Adjective
  • Comparative Adjective

4. bigger, smaller, more beautiful

  • Evaluative Adjective
  • Superlative Adjective
  • Comparative Adjective
  • Attributive Adjective

5. nouns which are typically used without determiners and give names to people, places or things – they always have a capital letter

  • Emotive Noun
  • Proper Noun
  • Abstract Noun
  • Concrete Noun



Great way to test your knowledge or even learn the knowledge! Thank you so much I'm sure I'll be coming back to this :)

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