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1. What is a circuit breaker?

  • something that decrease the current flowing
  • A resettable fuse
  • something that connects to the earth
  • something that destroys the object your are delivering energy to
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2. which part of the machine should the earth wire be connected to?

  • The bottom
  • The outside
  • The middle

3. what causes electrical heating?

  • too much current in the wire
  • too little current in the wire
  • a broken wire

4. Which is not a danger of Electricity?

  • Electricity + water
  • Electrical Heating
  • Electrical Mutation of cells
  • Electric shock

5. which statement about a fuse is correct

  • it controls the size of the voltage
  • it controls the size of the current
  • it cuts off the supply if the current becomes too great
  • it allow current to only flow in one direction


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