Educational Policy and Inequality

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Industrial revolution dates
late 18th to early 19th century
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schools before industrial revolution
no state schools, only private, no state money spent
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compulsory schooling date and ages
1880, 5-13
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tripartite system date and definition
1944 education act, 11+ exam (grammar/secondary modern/technical)
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comprehensive system date
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functionalist view of comps
promote social integration and longer to develop/show abilities
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marxist view of comps
reproduce inequality through continuation of streaming and labelling
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marketisation date
1988 education reform act (maggie thatcher)
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marketisation - rule by parents
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cream skimming
good schools can be more selective of pupils
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silt shifting
good schools can avoid less able pupils
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funding formula
popular schools = more funds (based on how many pupils they attract)
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parental choice lass
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gerwitzs 3 types of parents
privileged skilled choosers, disconnected local choosers, semi skilled choosers
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myth of parentocracy
all parents don't have same freedom to choose schools
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new labour policies (y)
designating deprived areas, aim higher programme, education maintenance allowance
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new labour paradox
benn = contradiction between inequality policies and commitment to marketisation
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coalition academies
2010: all schools encouraged to leave local authority control and become academies
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academy stats
2012: over half of all secondaries -> academies
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coalition free schools
schools run by parents/teachers/faith orgs/businesses (not local authority)
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support for free schools
takes control away from state + gives power to parents
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not support for free schools
only benefit children from highly educated families and lower standards eg sweden
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comprehensive system being replaced by a patchwork of diverse provision -> greater inequality
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centralisation of control
increase of free schools/academies taken away role of elected local authorities in education
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coalition inequality policies
free school means for all children in pre prep and pupil premium
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no state schools, only private, no state money spent


schools before industrial revolution

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1880, 5-13


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1944 education act, 11+ exam (grammar/secondary modern/technical)


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