labour polices

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  • Labour policy
    • idea behind the policies
      • New Labour has recognized that education is the key to economic success.  need for people to develop tasks
      • there is a concern that    some groups are not succeeding in education -negative effects for society.
      • identified the need for all pupils to have a good basic skill in numeracy and literacy
    • New policies
      • reducing primary class sizes to under 30
      • literacy and numeracy hours in all primary schools
      • After-school homework clubs and Easter revision schools
      • EMA education maintenance allowances encourage students to stay post 16
    • Criticisms of Labour policies
      • Marxist claim there is little differences between these policies and conservative governments as the education marketing still causes class inequalities
      • there is still a focus on standard and testing,controlling what is learnt inn schools rather than developing individual abilities


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