Arts and Crafts movement
1890s : William Morris
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Art Noveau
1890 - 1914 : Charles Rennie Mackintosh
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1919 - 1933
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Art Deco
1920s - 1930s : Claris Cliff
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De Stjil
Mid 1920s : Gerrit Rietvelt
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Streamlined Age
War, Post war and 1960s : Alex Issigonis
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Memphis Group
Early 1980s : Ettore Sottass
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1970 - Present Day
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Classic Designs include:
Coca-Cola bottle (1916), VW Beetle (1930s), Marcel Bruer's Wassily Chair (1925) and Phillipe Stark's Juicy Salif
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Retro Designs include:
Retro radios, Chrysler PT Cruiser and Delonghi Toaster
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Market Pull is:
Consumer Demand - want the consumer wants
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Technology Puch is:
Some new products are developed due to the technological advance of: New materials and Production methods
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Quality Control Guidelines
BS EN ISO 9000:2005 are guidelines by which companies are assessed.
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Product Evolution
Products develop over time due to: Developments in new materials (e.g. Smart Materials), Changes in manufacturing methods (e.g. automated production processes)
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Renewable Materials are:
Grown from plants or animals
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Non-renewable Materials are:
Taken from oil, ores and minerals, and can't be replaced (they are finite)
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Carbon Footprint is:
The amount of carbon produced by any human activity and its effect on the environment. Its measured in units of carbon dioxide
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We have packaging for:
Protection and information about the product
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An ideal product / inclusive design is:
A product that can be used be everyone
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Human Factors include:
Physiological factors, psychological factors and sociological factors
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Physiological Factors include:
Size, strength and levels of stamina
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Psychological factors
Smell, sound and sight
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Sociological factors include:
How much 'personal space' people need on a bus, the size of rooms in buildings
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Safety factors include:
How large a component needs to be so that it cant be swallowed, how hot the outside of a kettle gets
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Athropometrics is:
The study of the human body and the movement of each part of the body
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Ergonomics is:
The study of efficiency of people in their working environments .
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Branding is:
About promoting your strengths, i.e. what your business is good at or what you believe in, for example offering the latest technology
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Art Noveau


1890 - 1914 : Charles Rennie Mackintosh

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