Digital marketing

What is global consumer culture?
Shaping cultural values.
- Widespread exposure to global mass media
-Greater social mobility and travel facilitates exposure to different cultures
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Explain continuous consumption
Consumers can buy goods, post reviews 24/7 around the clock.
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Describe the paradigm shift marketing is undergoing
From a target marketing system to a customer value ecosystem, where co creation takes place.
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What is co creation of value?
Occurs as firms seek to differentiate their offers and make them stand out.
Firms collaborate with their customer to create experiences to complement products and services.
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What is paid media?
Affiliate marketing - when your banner is on another company's site
- Paid search results
- Display ads
- Digital signage
- Sponsored content
- Video ads
- Sponsored social media posts
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What is earned media?
Publicity generated through investment in PR (can build brand reputation)
- Influencer outreach
- Word of mouth
- Social networks
- Reviews e.g. TripAdvisor
- Mentions e.g. on insta
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What is owned media and why use it?
Media owned by the brand.
- Website
- Blogs
- Apps
- Social media
It can help to build relationships, communication channel
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Steps to create compelling sponsored content
1) Identify the purpose
2) Make it intuitive
3) Create subtle messaging
4) Use attractive images
5) Not too much text
6) Choose partners carefully (similar audience or mission / complementary products)
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Sponsored content is a form of inbound marketing
- Type of native ad involving a partner
E.g Taco Bell snapchat filter
- Ideal for social media campaigns
- Helps increase awareness
- Creates opportunities for partnering with brands
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Why use paid media?
- Create awareness and increase engagement
-Reach new customers
- Convert customers
- Drive sales
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What is online PR?
‘any publicity or media that is not generated by your company or agents of your company, but rather by organic methods via customers, social media fans, journalists or bloggers.’
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Why use earned media?
- Build trust and loyalty with customers
- Build brand awareness
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How digital technology can be used for "product"?
- Conduct online research
- Speed of new product development and diffusion
- Options for offering digital products
- Options for varying or extending the core product
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How digital technology can be used for "price"?
- Increased price transparency
- Downward pressure on price
- Dynamic pricing (flight tickets go up as u keep looking)
- Alternative pricing structure e.g. Klarna
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How digital technology can influence place?
- Place of purchase (online)
- Seller controlled e.g. ASOS market place
- New channel structures (website or app)
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How digital marketing can influence promotion?
Advertising (display ads, paid search)
- Virtual selling staff e.g. livechat
- Personalised recommendations and email alerts
- Virtual tours
- Email a friend links
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How digital marketing can influence "people"?
- Receipt of email and acknowledgement
- Customer support query
- Follow up emails
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Digital marketing and "process"
Delivering customer services and assisted sales through live chat
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Digital marketing and physical evidence
A customer's experience of the company through the website and other digital media
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Digital marketing trends and COVID 19
- Unprecedented growth in use of digital channels, as all countries shut down
- Companies that had a good digital presence were able to stay more resilient
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Explain continuous consumption


Consumers can buy goods, post reviews 24/7 around the clock.

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Describe the paradigm shift marketing is undergoing


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What is co creation of value?


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