7 Steps a PR Practitioner has to follow when planning sponsorships.

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  • 7 Steps a PR Practitioner has to follow when planning sponsorships
    • 1: Determine the strategy and objectives of the organization.
      • Clear on reason behind sponsoring event
      • Create aims/ objectives SMART
      • Determine what is right for organisation
    • 2: Budgets and time frame of sponsorship.
      • Specific expectations clarified
      • Event dates planned ahead of time
      • specify time frame of sponsorship
    • 3: Formulate advertising, marketing and PR strategies to achieve maximum benefits and to make the best of the sponsorship property.
      • Encode organisations message
      • Specify target audience
      • Include social media in strategy
    • 4: Activation of the Sponsorship by creating activities linked to a PR campaign to ensure maximum exposure for the organisation.
      •   Organise pre event activities
      • Plan media conferences, media releases, announcements
      • Synchronise activities across departments
      • Ensure consistency with branding.
      • Ensure activities line up with objectives.
    • 5: Hosting of the Events.
      •   Implement security/ safety procedures
      • Plan for unforeseen crisis
      • Aware of “ambush marketing”
    • 6: Evaluation and measurement of the sponsorship successes as per the initial objectives set.
      • Compare outcome against pre-set objectives
      •   Determine if promotion was worth the expense
    • 7: Corrective plan.
      • Make necessary adjustments to sponsorship contracts based on evaluation
      • Determine weaknesses and implement solutions for next time


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