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2. Who measured control in families by asking teenagers questions?

  • Chomsky
  • Kurdek and Fine
  • Baumrid
  • Bee and Boyd

3. What are the two types of rejected children?

  • Aggressive and Fearful
  • Aggressive and Submissive
  • Happy and Sad
  • Emotional and Shy

4. What ages are caterogrised in "early childhood"?

  • 0-5 years
  • 0-2 years
  • 0-3 years
  • 0-10 years

5. What are the linguistic stages?

  • Cooing, Laughing, Chatting, Talking
  • Cooing, Babbling, Chatting, Holophrases, Telegraphic
  • Cooing and Babbling, Holophrases, Telegraphic
  • Cooing, Rambling, Holophrases, Talking


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