Development in Childhood and Adolescence

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1. What does an "Authoritative" parent believe?

  • Low levels of control but a relaxed approach to discipline
  • High level of control and authority but little warmth and love
  • High level of expectation and control but delivered in a warm way
  • Lack of warmth and connection towards child
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2. Who is the main theorist we associate with the attachment theory?

  • Hodges and Tizard
  • Scaffer and Emerson
  • Bowlby
  • Harlow

3. What theorist spoke about growth in physical development?

  • Pickup and Price
  • Chomsky
  • Lindon
  • Bruner

4. What did Bruner call the theory that believes adults can encourage babies to learn language?

  • Language Acquisition Support System (LASS)
  • Language Acqusition Device (LAD)
  • Linguistic Development

5. Who studied Crowds and Cliques in context with 'Friendships'?

  • Berndt
  • Brown
  • Cottrell
  • Ladd


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