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1. Why did Kessler 1993 state that women are more likely to get depressed?

  • likely to seek help, in more abusive relationships, contraception
  • genetics and brain developments
  • live in poverty and are single mothers
  • achieve lower attainment educationally and face fewer salary opportunities
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2. What did Kuebli 1995 find?

  • Girls are encouraged by their parents to express their feelings
  • Parental co-rumination is associated with emmeshed relationships and emotional distress
  • Young boys are told to suppress their feelings
  • Women are more vigilant due to exposure to more negative, uncontrolled life events

3. Where does distraction activate to cause positive mood?

  • anterior right hemisphere
  • anterior left hemisphere
  • prefrontal left hemisphere
  • prefrontal cortex

4. who supported the findings in Kostanski 1998

  • Sallee - no gender differences in serotonin levels
  • Kessler 1993 - women 2x more likely to get depressed
  • Hankin 2001 - girls have more cognitive vulnerability
  • Shrier 2002 - achieve lower educational attainment

5. In Robertson 2004, what is the prevalence for postpartum depression

  • 10-15%
  • 30-75%
  • 0.1-0.2%
  • 8-12%


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