1. What did Pereira 2009 state as the most influential factors of MDD pregnancy

  • causal job, history of depression, illness in last year
  • history of depression, casual job, lack of support
  • unemployment, history of depression, unplanned pregnancy
  • unplanned pregnancy, martial difficulties, history of depression
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2. Who found that girls have higher cognitive vulnerability so are more sensitive about their appearance?

  • Hoesksema 1994
  • Kostanski 1998
  • Fadzil 2013
  • Lancaster 2016

3. Engaging in behaviours and thoughts that focus on symptoms of distress and the causes and consequences is?

  • CBT
  • Emotional coping
  • Rumination
  • Co-rumination

4. What does Becks cognitive model say about depression?

  • a result on unresolved bereavement
  • secondary to maladaptive anxiety
  • caused by the triad of negative views, faulting information processing, irrational beliefs
  • depression is a consequence of cognitively based anxiety

5. What did Lancaster 2016 investigate

  • Gender differences in depression
  • Co-rumination
  • Risk factors of MDD depression in pregnancy
  • Rumination


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