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1. What did Kuebli 1995 find?

  • Women are more vigilant due to exposure to more negative, uncontrolled life events
  • Young boys are told to suppress their feelings
  • Parental co-rumination is associated with emmeshed relationships and emotional distress
  • Girls are encouraged by their parents to express their feelings
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2. What does Becks cognitive model say about depression?

  • depression is a consequence of cognitively based anxiety
  • a result on unresolved bereavement
  • caused by the triad of negative views, faulting information processing, irrational beliefs
  • secondary to maladaptive anxiety

3. Who found that parental co-rumination is linked to emmeshed relationships?

  • Waller 2005
  • Hops 1995
  • Kuelibi 1995
  • Hoeskema 2001

4. what model thought depression as secondary to maladaptive anxiety

  • Wolpes model of neurotic depression
  • Wolpes model of depression
  • Coyne
  • Becks Cognitive model

5. what was coynes theory of interpersonal relationships

  • Those with depression should not be in relationships
  • Relationships can help depression risk
  • Supportive partner can decrease depression and new relationships can undo old ones
  • Relationships can be damaging to an individual


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