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2. what is Humes problem with hell?

  • It would get boring, especially since we are in there for eternity. Would we not get used to the pain
  • the whole concept of hell calls God’s justice into question because a finite sin could never deserve an infinite punishment
  • there is no biblical evience for hell

3. Whats John Hick’s Replica theory?

  • Hick sees resurrection as a divine action in which an exact replica of ourselves is created in a different realm. John Smith analogy
  • Hick believes that we arent an exact replica within heaven, more of an essence of our earthly self (our soul) which trancends after death
  • Hick beleives we are physically resurected, like jesus was within the biblical story

4. What does Bernard Williams critise about heaven and hell?

  • questions whether eternity in heaven would be desirable. If we had perfect bodies, no physical limitations, and whatever we wanted to do, would it get boring?
  • There is no empirical evidence for heaven and therefore no logical reason to beleive in it
  • The afterlife acts purely as a comfort blanket to indicudals who dislike their life/ hope for something better than their current situation. It is purely wish fufuilment

5. according to John Hick, who gets to heaven?

  • christians including anoymous christians
  • everyone. All religious point to the truth therefore all people will be saved (6 blind men and the elphant)
  • Only chirstians can be saved as christainity is unqiue and the true religion


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