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"There is a considerable link
between the present life and
the after life"
Exam style
By Alison, Jordan and Ciara…read more

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Introduction 2 (Alison)
· Make a list of the key philosophers that comment on
a life after death and present life: linking to the
· Do a plan before you start of agree points and
disagree points and also decide what your own
opinion is of the question.
· Read the question carefully, highlight or underline
key words in the question.
· Don't waffle on about a certain subject: point,
evidence and explain.
· Keep your eyes on the time.…read more

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Key Philosophers to include
· Many will see this as true as you cannot get to the afterlife without
being in the present life.
· D.Z.Phillips says throughout the church's teachings via the bible,
prayers and hymns, about Christ's death and resurrection, it is
suggested there is something sacred in the present life but only if the
life is lived selflessly which is vital in preparing for the afterlife.
· Other Christian Theologians argue that the gospels do
strongly put across the idea of the importance of this life. This links to
the afterlife as you will not see heaven unless you live a good and
honest Christian life, so the link is you cannot reach one without the
· Karl Marx: Marxist attitude is that the idea of a promised heaven
is false, which is intended to distract people from the struggles they
will encounter in their lives.…read more

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Key Philosophers to include
· Two existentialist philosophers, Jean-Paul Sartre and Albert
Camus, believed it is better to concentrate on the individual's existence in the
world and they emphasised the importance of human freedom, so again there is
great importance on the present life but no link to the afterlife, so from this point of
view the statement above is false.
· David Fergusson suggests "The eschatological chapters towards the
conclusion of Matthew's Gospel are fraught with warnings about neglecting the
service of God in the present life." This shows a strong link between the present and
afterlife as if you neglect God in the present life and don't live as a devout Christian
then you won't see the good in the afterlife, but there is a fine balance between
living your life and just waiting for death to see the afterlife.…read more

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Key Philosophers to include
· Joe Hill: Poem; Key line "You'll get pie in the sky when you
die (That's a lie)" Goes against life after death so no link is
· Blaise Pascal: Our life is like a coin that can only be flipped
once. Wager our life between God's existence or non
existence. Safest bet was that God exists because we will be
none the wiser after death. A link is made here as Pascal
says we should live our lives the way God intended too to
be guaranteed a life after death.…read more

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