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Why do you think people dance?
Because it can keep them fit&healthy. It can tell a story through emotions and feelings
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What styles of dancing can you think of?
Tap, ballet, modern, street dance, contemporary, bolly wood, morris, hiphop, disco, ballroom
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What is social/recreational dancing?
Family party's, weddings or clubs
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What is traditional dancing?
England= morris dancing, Ireland= Irish dancing, Spain= salsa dancing
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What is dancing for an audience?
pantomimes,shows, musicals etc
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Name 5 actions
run, roll, gesture, crouch ripple
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Name 5 spacing
extended, downstage, linear, formations, high
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Name 5 dynamics
Sharp, violent, smooth, graceful, erratic
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Name 5 relationships
solo, unison, canon, cluster, duet
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how can you describe an Action?
What the body can do
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What does travel mean?
Moving from one space to another
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What does turn mean?
Change of front
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What does jump mean?
5 types of jumps, elevation into the air
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What does stillness mean?
intentional stillness/freeze
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what does gesture mean?
Any leg or arm movement that does not bare weight
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what does weight transference mean?
Transference of weight from one part of the body to another
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What is a dynamic?
how the body is moving (relates to speed, energy and flow of movement)
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What do dynamics add to dance?
texture, colour, interest and variety
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what do dynamics help show?
dance idea, the mood, the atomsphere
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What is space?
Space is where the body is moving
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What can space relate to?
Where a dancer is placed of where they move on the stage
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What does direction mean?
where the dancer is facing
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What does pathways mean?
what a dancer uses when travelling
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What does levels mean?
What the dancer is on. For example high, low, medium
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How many actions are there?
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List them all
travel, turn, gesture, stillness, weight transference,jump
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What are the stage directions?
upstage right, upstage centre, upstage left, right centre, left centre, centre, downstage right, downstage centre, downstage left
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What are relationships?
Relationships are about the way you dance with others.
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What are the 4 components of dance?
relationships, actions, dynamics and spacing
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What is another name for actions?
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what is another name for relationships?
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What does flexibility mean?
The quality of bending easily without breaking
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what does alignment mean?
Arrangement in a straight line or in a correct relative positions
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What does core stability mean?
The capacity of the muscles of the torso to assist in the maintenance of good posture, balance especially during movement
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What does posture mean?
A particular position of the body
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what does stamina mean?
The ability to sustain (hold) prolonged physical or mental effort
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What does accents mean?
The placement of stress on a beat or a movement
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What does balance mean?
a steady or held position
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What does character/isation mean?
a role or part expressed by the dancer
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What styles of dancing can you think of?


Tap, ballet, modern, street dance, contemporary, bolly wood, morris, hiphop, disco, ballroom

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What is social/recreational dancing?


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What is traditional dancing?


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What is dancing for an audience?


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