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What is stance?
How the body is held.
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what is use of body parts?
Isolation of the shoulders and ribs in jazz dancing
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What is us of centre and spine?
Contraction and extension in some contemporary dances
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What is body design?
Typical shapes and positions
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What is initiation?
how and where movements are initiated or started
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What are dynamic qualities?
The speed, flow and energy of the movements
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What are rhythmic qualities?
Emphasis and timing
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What are the expressive nature of dance skills?
focus, projection, sense of style, musicality, communication of choreographic intention, relationships
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What is a stimulus?
means a starting point for creative movement. Ideas for making dance
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What is visual?
What we see
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What is auditory?
What we hear
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what is kinaesthetic?
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what is tactile?
what we touch
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What is ideational?
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what does chance mean?
A choreographic process in which elements are specifically chosen and defined but randomly structured to create a dance
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what does improvisation mean?
movement that is created spontaneously ranging from free-form to highly structured environments but always with an element of change
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what does contact work mean?
A mutual touching of two bodies or persons
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What does literal mean?
dance movement that communicates a story or message to an audience
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what does symbolic mean?
relating to a symbol
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what does abstract mean?
ideas that have been removed, separated from or condensed from concrete realities, specific objects or actual instances
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what does repetition mean?
Presentation of a theme or a portion of a theme a number of times for emphasis or to gain form of interest
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what does contrast mean?
introduction of a theme or pattern different than the original that differs in a way that can serve to distinguish or intensity meaning
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what does transitions mean?
Subordinate connecting intervals that weld together material within a movement theme
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what does highlights mean?
To emphasize or make prominent
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what does climax mean?
most intense, exciting or important point of something
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what does proscenium mean?
audience are watching in front of the performer (traditional stage)
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what does cyclorama mean?
a shadow is shown behind a sheet. For example: Britain got talent
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what does in-the-round mean?
a circular stage with your audience surrounded around you.
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what does site-specific mean?
either outside or inside or on different levels. For example: high school musical
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what is use of body parts?


Isolation of the shoulders and ribs in jazz dancing

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What is us of centre and spine?


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What is body design?


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What is initiation?


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