Culture and Identity

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1. What is mean by subculture resistance

  • Ethnic minority groups that may not be simply different from the dominant culture but also in active opposition to it
  • ethnic minority groups and very different from dominant culture
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2. What is socialization

  • Where you learn the norms and values of a society
  • Where you are told what to do
  • Learning the right things for your culture
  • Culture teaches norms and Values

3. Explain the difference between high culture and popular culture

  • High culture is associated with middle and higher class people and popular culture is associated more with working class
  • high culture is associated with working class and popular culture is associated with the higher class people

4. What is a stigmatized Identity

  • where you don't know where you stand with people
  • Goffman states it's an identity that can be seen to be undesirable and demeaning towards the person.
  • where you're not accepted in society
  • something that stops you socializing

5. Explain the difference between dominant culture and subculture

  • dominant culture: the main culture in society, subculture: smaller groups in society with their own unique norms and values.
  • subculture is better known that dominant culture
  • one is more domiant
  • subculture is different in norms and values compared to dominant culture


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