Culture - Functionalism

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  • Functionalism - S, C, I
    • Consensus theory - human societies work best when they are in agreement on norms and values.
    • Members must feel a sense of social solidarity.
    • Parsons - Socialisation is important. The family is a personality factory. It trains and holds children into the image of society.
    • Shared norms and values = social order.
    • Culture keeps potentially disruptive behaviour at bay.
    • Individual identity must be replaced by a collective identity for consensus.
    • Parek - member of society have distinct ways of life which still serving the dominant culture within society.
      • Critique -Although there is a dominant culture in society, there are still different cultures within this.
    • Kidd defined culture as a way of life for a group of people.
    • Culture is socially constructed.
    • High culture and popular culture.
      • Kidd says you use high culture to improve yourself.
    • Cultural diversity can be seen both within cultures and between culture. (intra and inter cultural diversity)


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