Controlled Release Lecture 1

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1. Which of the following statements is false?

  • Controlled release has first order kinetics
  • Controlled release has zero order kinetics
  • Controlled release can be acheived by reservoir
  • Controlled release can be achieved by erodible drug delivery systems
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2. Delayed release can be used in which scenario?

  • Give immediate relief from a condition
  • Avoid area of the GI tract which could degrade the drug
  • Extend release for pain relief

3. Which of these does NOT describe modified release?

  • Release rate of a drug is delayed
  • Release rate of a drug is unaffected
  • Release rate of a drug is altered

4. What is the correct definition for controlled drug delivery?

  • Right administration, right drug, right location.
  • Right amount, right location, right time.
  • Right concentration, right administration, right time.

5. Which of the following is a type of rate control?

  • Pulsatile release
  • Immediate release
  • Oral delivery


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