constructivist theory (cognative) Piaget

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1. During the Concrete Operational Stage, what sort of qualities develop?

  • Problem solving, Organisations, Rationalisations, Logical thinking, Maturity
  • Reflexes, Reactions, Cognative development
  • Childish, Messy, No sence of thinking
  • Egocentric, Symbolic representation, Irreversibility
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2. What are the final 2 stages called?

  • Adaption Stages, Formal Operation Process
  • Formal Operational Stage, Adation Process
  • Formal Operational Stage, Equillibruim
  • Assimilation and Formal Adaption Process

3. What are the 3 main stages in the Adaption process?

  • Assimilated, Prevention, Equilibritation
  • Assimilation, Presentation, Equillibration
  • Assimilation, Accommodation, Equillibration
  • Assissination, Equility, Housing

4. What stage and age are children at when they begin to be Egocentric, Animism and Artificalism?

  • The Concrete Operational Stage, 11+
  • The Preoperational Stage, 2-7 years
  • The Concrete Operational Stage, 7-11
  • The Preoperational Stage, 7-11

5. In the Schemas, what was the age range for the concrete operational stage?

  • 2 to 7 years
  • 7 to 11 years old
  • birth to 2 years
  • adolences




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