Constitutions and Constitutionalism

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Purpose of Constitutions
Accepted rules of the game, legitamises political system, establishes, framework defining political system. defines relationship between main bodies. the fabric of the state, provides stability, guarantee of human rights
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In order to understand a constitution need to take into account..
How it was created, Rules of amendment, Who and how monitors the Constitution
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French Constitution
Republican constiton, conflictual development, Semipresidentialism.Dominance of the executive over the legislative, constitutional council, bicameral parliament, centralised state, decentralisation in the 1980s
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French Constitution Pluralism, Choice/Competition
Political pluralism enshrined in constitution, economis and social pluralism - raison d'etat. mixed social market economy, major concern in society with equality. considerable change in the rules of voting, majoritarian electoral system (2ballots)
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French system, summarised
Influence of the French revolution, sovereignty of the people above all, Majoritarian decison making, President the centre of the system, except in coabitation
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German constitution
Republican Basic law 1949 - revised after fall of wall, Legacies: Weimar republic, totalitarian regime, emphahsis on rules of law, protection of constitution against totalitarian threats, separation of powers, strong chancellor, bicameral, SC
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Germna Constituion, Pluralism, Choice/Competition
Political rights: American influence. Development of Social Market economy. important to prevent totalitarian temptations. stability in the rules of the game. Mixed system 5% threshold Lander, bundestag elections
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German system, summarised
A well tuned system of checks and balances, consensual decion making, Lander & Parliament centre of system
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Italian Constitution
Republican, Piemonte constitution and fascism legacies, problems of rule of law, clientelism, weak exec, fragmented and strong parl, bicameral. constitutional court, Judiciary considerably autonomous
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Italian Constitution, Pluralism, Choice/Competition
Politcal, social and economic pluralism enshrined, often corruption, state needs reforming to ensure equality, right of referendum, lots of changes to voting system, currently PR, mostly fragmentation and polarisation
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Italian Constituion, summarised
Instability par excellence, consensual decision making, parliament centre of the system
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Dutch Constitution
Constitutional Monarchy, evolutionary democracy since 19th century, legacies, conflicts between catholics and Protestants, since45, consociational democracy, growing linkage of monarchy to popular soveriegnty, strong parl. bicameral, weak coalitions,
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Dutch Constitution, Pluralism, Choice/competition
fragmentation, consensual, social plurality very important, PR system, very small threshold
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Dutch Constitution, summarised
a Country of Minorities, consensus decision-making, Parliament centre of the system
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In order to understand a constitution need to take into account..


How it was created, Rules of amendment, Who and how monitors the Constitution

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French Constitution


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French Constitution Pluralism, Choice/Competition


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French system, summarised


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