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what is mechanical weathering?
the breakdown of rocks without changing the chemical composition
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what is chemical weathering?
the breakdown of rocks by changing the chemical composition
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example of chemical weathering?
carbonation weathering- rainwater containing CO2 makes it weak carbonic acid, reacts with rocks containing calcium carbonate
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example of mechanical weathering?
freeze thaw- temp alternates around 0*C, water gets in cracks and freezes and expands, then thaws and contracts and breaks up rock
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destructive waves
erode coasts, strong backwash, weak swash
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constructive waves
build coasts, strong swash, weak backwash
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how is a wave cut platform made?
cliff eroded by hydraulic action and corrasion, becomes unstable and collapses and material is eroded into beach material, new wave cut notch is formed
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3 types of mass movement
slide- straight, slump- rotation , rockfall- vertical
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ways of transporting material?
traction, saltation, suspension, solution
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sand beach and shingle beach
sand- wide and flat (backwash can move sand easily) shingle- steep and narrow (backwash cant move it easily)
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maps- stacks, cliffs, wavecut platforms, sand beach, shingle beach, spit
little blobs, little black lines, bumpy edges, pale yellow, speckles, beach out of the sea
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economic reasons to protect coastlines?
tourism, businesses, unemployment, damage agricultural land, property prices fall
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environmental reasons to protect coastlines?
ecosystems destroyed, SSSIs
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social reasons to protect coastlines?
deaths, water supplies, loss of housing, unemployment, infrastructure
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what is chemical weathering?


the breakdown of rocks by changing the chemical composition

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example of chemical weathering?


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example of mechanical weathering?


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destructive waves


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