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2. What was Nationalised in 1946?

  • The economy
  • NHS
  • Coal, Civil aviation, cable and wireless company
  • Electricity

3. What is the National Insurance Act?

  • A pre-paid cheque that an employer recieves nationally
  • Universal system where an employer or employee would contribute to a central fund from which government use the money on unemployment, maternity expenses etc.
  • Free money
  • An insurance that everyone gets

4. Why did labour win the 1945 election?

  • Good Prime minister
  • Labour Troops influenced the working-class as they were left wing and supported labour
  • They were lucky

5. Who was the Health minister under Atlee Government?

  • Ernest Bevin
  • Hugh Dalton
  • Aneurin Bevan
  • Harold Macmillian


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