CHIP - Piaget part 2

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1. How are children described as in terms of the environment?

  • "Little s**ts", screaming animals who just want feeding and sweets, no thank you
  • "Big extroverts", always wanting to experience new things, even if it means jumping off a cliff
  • "Little scientists", constantly exploring, experimenting and discovering
  • "Big introverts", too scared to do anything without parent next to them
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2. Piaget worked with who and wrote 9 books?

  • Barbel Inhelder
  • Locke
  • Immanuel Kant
  • Himself

3. Like Descartes, who said:

  • rational mind is passive, rather than active
  • dunno it was too long ago can't remember
  • rational mind is active, rather than passive
  • rational mind is unimportant, not important

4. Cognitive development stages are biological. Piaget opposed to the view of knowledge as...?

  • ...passive copy of reality
  • ...private copy of abstract life
  • ...private copy of reality
  • ...passive copy of abstract life

5. According to Piaget's unit of knowledge, what is "equilibrium"?

  • Processing of balance
  • Processing of equity
  • Processing of developing
  • Processing of cognition


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