Chemistry revision Cards Unit one

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What is an acid?
A sour substance which can attack skin it has a ph number of less then 7 .
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What is activation energy ?
the minimum energy needed to start a reaction
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What is an alakali
has a ph less then 7
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what is an alkali metal?
elements in group 1
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what is a alkane?
saturated hydrocarbons CnH2n+2 methane ethane propane
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what is a alkene?
a unsaturated hydrocarbon which contains double bonds CnH2n e.g ethene c2 h4
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what is an alloy ?
a mixture of metals and sometimes non metals
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What is anhydrous?
describes a substane which does not contain water
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wha is a anomalous result?
results which do not match the pattern of other results collected
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what is aqueos soloution
the mixture made by adding a solouble substance to water
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what is a atomic number?
the number of protons in an atom
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what is a base?
the oxide,hydroxide or carbonate of a metal that will react with an acid forming a salt as one of its products.
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what is biodiesel?
fuel for cars made from plant oils.
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what is biofuel ?
fuel made from animal or plant products
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what is bioleaching?
process of extracting metals from ores using microorganism
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what does calcium hydroxise look like?
it is a white solid, it is used as a cheap alkali used in the industry made by reacting calcium oxide with water
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What is in carbon steel?
alloy of iron containing samll amounts of carbon
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what is the name of the iron taken diectly out of a blast furnace which is impure?
cast iron
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A catalyst is?
a substance that sppeds a chemical reactiion but remains chemically unchanged itself .
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what is fitted to exhausts of vehicles to to reduce pollutants being released?
a catalytic converter
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what is made is made if you mix limestoone with clay?
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the process whereby small amounts of dissolved substances are seperated by running a solvent along a material is s clalled?
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explain collison theory
particles colliding with sufficient energy for a reaction to take place?
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definition of compound
a substance made when two or more elements are chemically bonded
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what is made when you mix cement,sand and rock with water
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the attraction bettween two atoms that share one or more pairs of electrons is called?
covalent bonding
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Give 2 ways of cracking.
hydrocarbon vapor is passed over a hot catalys 2)mixed with steam and heated to a high temperature
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definition of delocalised electron
bonding electron that is no longer associated with any one particular atom.
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directly proportianal means
it shows a positive linear relationship that crosses trhough the origin
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when one element takes the place of another compund it is clled? give a example
Displace reaction iron +copper sulfate=iron sulfate+copper
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distillation is?/
seperation of liquid from a mixture of evapouration followed by condensation
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a drwing to show arrangement of outer shell of an atom
dot and cross diagram
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a double bond is?
a covalent bond made by sharing two pairs of electrons
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a additive which is approved in europe is called a?
e number
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electrolosys is when?
the breaking down of a substance containing ions by electrolysis
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a electolyte is ..?
a liquid containing free moving ions that is broken down by electricity in the proocess of electrolosis
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electon has a ........... charge?
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electoplating is when?
thin layer of a metal is deposited on an object durinh electolosis.
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empiricla formula is the ration of
elements in a compound
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a emulsifier is ?
a substance which helps keeps immicible liquids e.g water and oil mixed so they do not seperate out.
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emulsion is a?
mixture od liquids that do not dissolve in eachother
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when thenamount of substances present in the reacting mixture remain constant is called?
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ethene has the formula
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fair test is seen as
when the independant variable has been allowed to effect the dependant variable
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the reaction in which enzymes in yeast turn glucose into ethanol and co2
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a substance added to a food to preserve /improve taste/texture/appearance is called a ?
food additive
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fraction is a hydrocarbon with
similar boiling points
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fellerene is?
hexagonal rings of carbon atoms
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a huge 3D network of atoms e.g diamond or graphite is called
giant covalent structures
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giant lattice is
a huge 3d network of giant ionic lattice e.g sodium chloride
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the reflection of sunlight by tiny solid particles in the air is called..
global dimming
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global warming is?
increasing average temp on earth can be influenced by co2 levels.
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group is?
elements in each column 1-7
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half equation describes
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hardening is the process of
reacting plant oils with hydrogen to raise their mp used to make margarine
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hydrated is when
substance contains water in its crystals
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hydration is when ............. is chemically added to a compound
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hydrogenated oil is when
oil which has had hydrogen added t it reduces its degree of saturation in the hardening production.
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hydrophyllic is water............
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hydrophobic is water ..............
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inclompete oxygen happens when there is not enough oxygen it produces .....
co, other toxic products
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inert means
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intermolecular force is?
the attraction between the individual molecules in a covalently bonded substance.
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a charged particle produced by the loss or gain of electron is called a
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ionic bonding is when
the electrostatic force of attraction between positively and negatively charged of ions.
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an isotope is?
a atom that has the same number of protons but different number of neutrons. ie it has the same number atomic number but different mass number
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