Chemistry- General Quiz

1. Which structure conducts electricity when molten or dissolved?

  • Giant metallic
  • Simple covalent
  • Giant ionic
  • Giant covalent
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2. In group 1, how does the reactivity change as you go down the group?

  • It increases
  • It doubles
  • It stays the same
  • It decreases

3. The two conditions/elements needed for rust are what?

  • Water and carbon dioxide
  • Water and oxygen
  • Oxygen and carbon dioxide
  • Oxygen and copper

4. Metals that are more reactive than carbon are extracted in what way?

  • Electrolysis
  • The Blast Furnace
  • Burning
  • Titrations

5. Why is cryolite added in the extraction of aluminium?

  • It raises the melting point
  • It speeds up the reaciton
  • It lowers the melting point
  • It looks pretty


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