Chemistry- General Quiz

1. Which structure conducts electricity when molten or dissolved?

  • Simple covalent
  • Giant covalent
  • Giant ionic
  • Giant metallic
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2. What are the three raw materials in the blast furnace?

  • Iron oxide, limestone, water
  • Iron oxide, water, carbon dioxide
  • Iron oxide, coke, limestone
  • Iron oxide, coke, carbon

3. All acids contain which type of ion?

  • H-
  • OH-
  • H+
  • O-

4. When adding sodium hydroxide solution, Copper forms a what colour precipitate?

  • Blue
  • Purple
  • Sludgy green
  • Brown

5. Why is cryolite added in the extraction of aluminium?

  • It raises the melting point
  • It speeds up the reaciton
  • It lowers the melting point
  • It looks pretty


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