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1. How is metallic bonding caused?

  • no element make it delocised
  • nothing
  • The metal with the highest energy level becomes delocised
  • The metal with the lowest level becomes delocised
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2. What is non-polar molcule

  • a molcule where electrons distrubed evenly
  • a molcule where electrons are distrubed unevenly
  • A molcule that has a odd amount of electrons
  • Nothing

3. what is a benefit of the hunds rule?

  • makes free electrons
  • Makes the element more stable
  • makes more electrons
  • makes the element bigger

4. What is the strength of the electronric force dependent on?

  • Ionic charge and ionic radii
  • ionic charge
  • how big it is
  • nothing

5. what makes colvalent bonding occur?

  • non-metal-non-metal
  • metal-metal
  • non-metal-metal
  • nothing


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