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2. How is metallic bonding caused?

  • nothing
  • The metal with the highest energy level becomes delocised
  • no element make it delocised
  • The metal with the lowest level becomes delocised

3. What is a Organic compounds?

  • A compound that contains no elements
  • A compound that contain one or more carbons.
  • A compound that contains different elements
  • A compound that contains one of less Carbon.

4. what is the order of electrons allowed in the shells?

  • 2,8,18,32,50
  • 2,6,20,32,40
  • 2,4,20,30,45
  • 2,8,20,32,50

5. how is convelent bond formed?

  • nothing
  • when electrons are given to other atoms.
  • when electrons are shared between atoms
  • when charges of atoms are the same


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