chapter 10

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how do anti inflammitory drugs work?
they reduce swelling ,which may relieve pain
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what is a medical drug ?
it improves your health by curing ,preventing or relieving the symptoms of a disease
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whats an overuse symptom ?
relieving drugs may lead to an addiction and kidney & liver damage
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what are antibiotics?
antibiotics are drugs that kill bacteria
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Over prescribing antibiotics?
increased the number of antibiotic resistant bacteria causing signicant costs for the nhs
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spontaneous mutations
bacteria developing antibiotic resistant.antibiotics kill the non resistant strains but the resistant strains will servive and reproduce (increasing there population)
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Why are drugs tested in the lab
they are tested on animals to make sure they are safe for use
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arguments for drug testing on animals
saves humans lifes , shorter life cycles of animals,cheaper then testing on humans
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Arguments against drug testing
the animal suffers,animals have the right to live, results may not be the same for humans
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what are drugs
drugs can be helpful or harmful to your body
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can you be addicted to drugs
people become addicted to drugs which might lead to them having withdrawal symptoms if they try to stop taking them
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what are recreational drugs
they are taken for personal enjoyment,have no medicaol benefits
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what is alchol
alchol is a depresent ,which acts on the nervous system it slows down the body reactions
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long-term alchol
comsumption can result in brain and liver damage
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what is a medical drug ?


it improves your health by curing ,preventing or relieving the symptoms of a disease

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whats an overuse symptom ?


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what are antibiotics?


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Over prescribing antibiotics?


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