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  • Chapter 11
    • Harmful micro-organisms
      • Bacteria
        • has a cell wall
        • no nucleus
        • genetic material floats around cytoplasm
        • larger than a virus
      • Virus
        • a few genes that floar around
        • smaller than bacteria
        • No nucleus
        • Protein coat
      • Pathogens - are micro-organisms which cause disease
    • How diseases spread
      • Pathogens  can enter during sexual intercourse
      • contact with infected people may spread the disease
    • Immunisation
      • once antibodies have fought of a disease some remain in your body
      • Immunity means you cant have the same disease again
    • Medical use of xrays
      • high energy transverse (electromagnetic waves )
      • shadow picture are images inside the body
    • radio- activity
      • nuclear raditation causes ionisation
        • alpha beta and gamma
      • film badges can monitor the exposure of a person to radiation




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