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Nuclear fusion is the process by which two or more atomic nuclei join
together, or "fuse", to form a single heavier nucleus. This is usually
accompanied by the release of large quantities of energy. Fusion is the process
that powers active stars, the hydrogen bomb and some experimental devices

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A supernova (abbreviated SN, plural SNe after supernovae) is a stellar
explosion that is more energetic than a nova. It is pronounced
/suprnov/ with the plural supernovae /suprnovi/ or supernovas.
Supernovae are extremely luminous and cause a burst of radiation that often
briefly outshines an entire galaxy, before fading from…

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and experimental agriculturalist. His work helped to establish the basis of
modern geology. His theories of geology and geologic time, also called deep
time, came to be included in theories which were called plutonism and

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Continental drift
Antonio Snider-Pellegrini's Illustration of the closed and opened Atlantic Ocean
Continental drift is the movement of the Earth's continents relative to each
other.The hypothesis that continents 'drift' was first put forward by Abraham
Ortelius in 1596 and was fully developed by Alfred Wegener in 1912. In the…

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this continent broke and the new continents drifted away from each other
because of further expansion of the rip-zones, where the oceans now lie. This
led Mantovani to propose an Expanding Earth theory which has since been
shown to be incorrect.[12][13][14]
Some sort of continental drift without expansion was proposed…

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The complementary arrangement of the facing sides of South America and
Africa is obvious, but is a temporary coincidence. In millions of years, slab pull
and ridge-push, and other forces of tectonophysics will further separate and
rotate those two continents. It was this temporary feature which inspired
Wegener to study…

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Geophysicist Jack Oliver is credited with providing seismologic evidence
supporting plate tectonics which encompassed and superseded continental
drift with "Seismology and the New Global Tectonics," published in 1968, using
data collected from seismologic stations, including those he set up in the South
It is now known that there are…


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