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2. What happens in the ventral striatum of the brain?

  • Immediate rewards are recognised
  • Decision making

3. What is title of the study?

  • Delay Gratification
  • Low delayers vs. hot delayers
  • Hot cues vs. cool cues
  • Inferior frontal gyrus vs. ventral striatum

4. What did low delayers do in the marshmallow test?

  • Used cooling techniques to distract themselves
  • Didn't eat the marshmallow and ended up with two marshmallows
  • Took the immediate reward by eating the marshmllow
  • Said they didn't like marshmallows

5. What are the two parts of the brain that compete with each other?

  • Inferior frontal gyrus vs. ventral striatum
  • Left hemisphere vs. right hemisphere
  • Corrpus callosm vs. inferior gyrus
  • Corrpus callosm vs. ventral striatum


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